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"The pattern of progress can be compared to an oncoming tide-wave after wave moves onward seemingly with the same upsurge, but once in a while, one of the waves reaches ahead of the others, and then seems to be followed by the others, until the same motion occurs anew. Progress always moves forward-it is never still. The minute one feels that a certain level has been achieved at that precise moment one stops progressing, unless one tries to reach a higher level still or else regression starts and the level goes down. Perfection does not exist, but the ambition to reach it makes for unending progress and self satisfaction."  Bonade 

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Saxophone Repair

Repair rates student instruments

Estimates are $20 but if you get the work done it will taken of the bill. Evaluations (for sale or insurance purposes for example) are $30 for a written report.

  School customers.

2 options:

  • You can request specific jobs to be done. A tenon cork or a  low d pad or dent on the bell for example. I will do only the requested work. Your bill will be much lower, but the overall playing condition of the instrument is your responsibility.
  • You can opt for either play condition repairs or an overhaul. Most of my customers ask for play condition repairs.

Play condition. This means I have taken the time to check the entire instrument. The action, key height, odd tone or tuning issues, condition of pads etc.

What I do: Missing bumper corks and felts are replaced. Pads are seated/adjusted and mechanism is adjusted and oiled. Minor repairs to bent keys are performed. The fit of the neck is checked and adjusted if need be.

It is my responsibility to ensure that the instrument will play for the school year and be suitable for it's intended player. You pay in part for what I do ( and know not to do) and in part for my judgment as a player, teacher and technician as to how well the instrument plays and how long it will last. No cosmetic work is done.

 I may advise you that pad replacement is needed but only those pads that absolutely must be changed are done.


Cost for an Alto saxophone is 75 Tenors are 85 and baritones are 95


Pads are extra $17-22 single or linked. This includes the cost of the pad, my time and possible repairs to the tone hole for example.

Neck corks are extra $25


Repad Saxophone is completely disassembled and cleaned, body work is done. Pad cups and keys are leveled and end to end and side to side play of keys is removed. Tone holes are leveled if needed and dressed Any needed corks felts and springs are replaced. All pads changed.

Overhaul-changes all pads corks and felts and includes polishing. Polishing includes cleaning the keys (brushing and ultrasonic cleaner) then chemical dip (various types depending on metal) buffing and or hand polishing depending on metal. For silver we use a non toxic process which replaces silver.
Not withstanding any of the above the final quote for a job can only be given once I have had a good look at the instrument.
repad overhaul prices for student instruments follow:
Alto  450  550
Tenor  500  600
 Bari  600  750
 Add polishing  125-150


In general the more service you buy, the lower the rate. For pro instruments add 30%


We do not do lacquering for health and environmental reasons. Limited silver plating is available. We do not use dangerous chemicals for cleaning.

Alban Classical

Private performance April 14

PGSO April 21

Wind World Alban classical school show April 23 and 30