Like all the best shops we are run by active performing musicians. Making music, teaching others to play and making sure all our instruments work.

To start-: Call 250-563-4693 or email me to set up an appointment.
 Your instrument must work correctly or you are wasting your time.

You can get a rough idea of what things cost from the website but I do need to see the instrument.

Repair & Order Status

 Schools et al note: repair rates are higher during the school year

Drop off and pick up Tuesday-Friday from 3-6 other times by appointment.  


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 Updated daily this list does not include walk in repairs that may delay your work. 

It's basically first come first serve. If it's really is an emergency I will move you to the top of the line (extra).

Working pros go to the top of the line for emergency repairs etc this may delay your repairs.     Minimum charge $30 + $5 shop fee. Instrument Storage .50/day starting 30 days after notification of completed repair. Estimate is $20 ( since I am providing you with advice and an evaluation of the instrument) and is deducted from the repair cost.


If you are a private customer, we must receive payment before the instrument can be released. Cash Visa Paypal or personal cheque (but we will have to wait for it to clear.) Instruments not claimed after 3 months from the completion of the repair and your notification of same will be sold to cover repair costs.


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New dent removal tools

We have added MDR
 (magnetic dent removal tools) to our repertoire.

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Cork pads on clarinet

ImageThis is a Selmer series 10S clarinet and a Selmer recital  they are beautiful clarinets in great condition.
 The A in particular does not play as one would expect however, response tuning and tone are poor.
 These are usually very good clarinets. A quick check reveals that the pads do not cover, they are skin pads which have warped over time.

I am going to repad the top joint with cork pads on all keys which are usually in the closed position.
 The other 2 keys will have traditional skin pads.

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  • Rates, Levels of Repair and Shipping
    Playing an instrument is a great experience, we want that experience continue when you take your instrument in for service. When you bring your instrument in we take the time to explain exactly what your instrument needs, what your options are and how much it will cost. Policy for General Repairs . We always provide a written (if requested) estimate before starting work, unless advised otherwise. We do not exceed the estimate without authorization. For school instruments, in general and unless directed otherwise we make the minimum required repairs needed to make the instrument play in such a way that it will last at least the year and not hinder the progress of the student. Repairs that are merely cosmetic are not done unless requested. We use only top quality pads and materials for all instruments. For example our standard pads are all double skin, usually better in quality than the factory installed pads. Basic repair details vary slightly from instrument to instrument. Repairs for pros take precedence, other than that, repairs are done in order with consideration taken as to how urgent the repair is. If you are going to be in and out of town on certain days we will do our best to accommodate you. If that means staying open to midnight on a Saturday night, we do it
  • Our Work

    Time permitting we are putting up basic descriptions of some of the procedures used to repair your instruments. In future I would like to post some more detailed directions for some simple emergency repairs that you could do at home

    Note: this is not a how to do it manual, details have been left out or over simplified. This is just so you understand the basic process. Making a mistake during any part of these procedures or using the wrong tools will most likely destroy the instrument! 

  • Woodwind Repairs

Happy customers

"Thanks for fixing our flute so quickly" M.Green FSJ    "Thank you so much for doing the work on my clarinet" B Russell Dunster BC"Thank you so much for fixing my flute.. I will surely recommend you to anyone I know" T Richard FSJ  "Thank you! Nice to have this playing great for the concerts"  B Knuff Williams Lake  "Simon thanks you so much for your fantastic work" Roz FSJ

Instruments sold on consignment

20% commission. We sell your instrument. As the best repair shop with a well earned great reputation we can give all involved a fair estimate , an accurate description of the instruments condition, pros and cons and suitability.

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