Time permitting we are putting up basic descriptions of some of the procedures used to repair your instruments. In future I would like to post some more detailed directions for some simple emergency repairs that you could do at home

Note: this is not a how to do it manual, details have been left out or over simplified. This is just so you understand the basic process. Making a mistake during any part of these procedures or using the wrong tools will most likely destroy the instrument! 

New dent removal tools

We have added MDR
 (magnetic dent removal tools) to our repertoire.

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Cork pads on clarinet

ImageThis is a Selmer series 10S clarinet and a Selmer recital  they are beautiful clarinets in great condition.
 The A in particular does not play as one would expect however, response tuning and tone are poor.
 These are usually very good clarinets. A quick check reveals that the pads do not cover, they are skin pads which have warped over time.

I am going to repad the top joint with cork pads on all keys which are usually in the closed position.
 The other 2 keys will have traditional skin pads.

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Bent Flute

Uh........ Dad I think I sat on my Flute!

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Happy customers

"Thanks for fixing our flute so quickly" M.Green FSJ    "Thank you so much for doing the work on my clarinet" B Russell Dunster BC"Thank you so much for fixing my flute.. I will surely recommend you to anyone I know" T Richard FSJ  "Thank you! Nice to have this playing great for the concerts"  B Knuff Williams Lake  "Simon thanks you so much for your fantastic work" Roz FSJ

Instruments sold on consignment

20% commission. We sell your instrument. As the best repair shop with a well earned great reputation we can give all involved a fair estimate , an accurate description of the instruments condition, pros and cons and suitability.

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