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Professional musicians choose CWW

 National Association of  Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians

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When Professional musicians entrust their $20-60,000 instruments to CWW and Band teachers send their students and instruments to us you know you will looked after.

Warranty Information

Your repair bill should have a note on the bottom about the warranty length. If not, the general rule of thumb is 30 days for basic Items, 90 days for tune-ups, a year for overhauls .
Obviously, this only covers the work we did. About the only thing we can't cover is your damage to the instrument bent keys etc and requests for particular adjustments that are outside the parameters of how the instrument is usually set up (unless you tell us about it before we do the work).

The warranty does include adjusting the instrument to your satisfaction. This includes tightness of joints, strength of springs etc as some players have personal preferences about this (I like a light action for example on my horns). When you pick up the instrument you can test it out, we have a room where you can play in private. If you have some strong feelings about how you want some things in particular, please let us know before we do the work.

 Damage you do to the instrument, including but not limited to; not oiling the mechanism, not using cork grease on the tenons, not cleaning it, dropping it or bending keys or playing around with the adjustment screws is not covered.

What to do if you are not happy.

 First off, please don't feel bad about calling us up, we are only human, and eventually we will make a mistake or through some miscommunication not give you what you wanted. We appreciate your business and would love to have a chance to make it right. When you receive your instrument test it out right away.

If you send it back and the repair was fine but (#)it is something we were not requested to fix or we can not replicate your problem (which means it's your playing technique) then you will be responsible for all shipping charges and inspection fee. This is why you should call and tell us about your problem first.

Tell us what you want changed and if you are in town drop the instrument off for priority service. If you are out of town ship the instruments to us collect for priority service, it will then be shipped back to you at no charge. If there is no defect with the repair but you want something changed (see#) then you pay all shipping charges but the work is free.

Cole's Woodwinds has been in business since 1991 doing instrument repairs. Out of the many hundreds of instruments we see each year, on average only 1 every other year will be returned, so we can afford to be generous.

What we can't help you with

Well,  we can't make an inexpensive student instrument play like a pro model. It will just be the best it can be given the limitations of the materials and design, both of which can sometimes be improved upon, but not to the point where they are equal to a pro model.

We are more than happy to discuss at length the nature of the repairs we will be doing, the value of the instrument and what improvement the amount of repairs you have requested will produce. If we tell you that the instrument needs a certain amount of work to play and you elect to only have some of it done, then you cannot expect it to play perfectly.

Also, a warranty is not the same as insurance. If you drop the instrument or back over it with the car, it's not covered. Needless to say, if your account is not paid up, you have no warranty


 Case 1. Repair defect, we pay all shipping charges, the repair is done free of charge with priority service

Case 2 No repair defect but something you want changed or adjusted, you pay all shipping charges but the repair is done free of charge with priority service.

Case 3 No defect, problem is nonexistent or the result of an accident or misuse or was not an item you paid to have repaired. You pay all shipping fees and repair charges. We reserve the right to alter change or modify this warranty at any time as we see fit.

Some repairs to brass instruments may cause unavoidable damage to the finish.

Happy customers

"Thanks for fixing our flute so quickly" M.Green FSJ    "Thank you so much for doing the work on my clarinet" B Russell Dunster BC"Thank you so much for fixing my flute.. I will surely recommend you to anyone I know" T Richard FSJ  "Thank you! Nice to have this playing great for the concerts"  B Knuff Williams Lake  "Simon thanks you so much for your fantastic work" Roz FSJ

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