Student Comment

          You're never too old to learn. At age 71, I was concerned about difficulties I was having with my voice. Having sung in a choir for 40 years it was devastating to think I'd no longer have the joy of singing. A hearing check and music lessons were recommended at a workshop for the so called aging voice. Weekly sessions recommended by Erica have solved my problem. Now I am well past 71 enjoying singing as much as ever and doing better that ever. Thanks Erica!

Piano lessons

I teach piano to children and adults of all ages.  Children can start as early as age 4.  There is no upward age limit.  I am a very patient and encouraging teacher.  All lessons are catered to the individual students.  I will recommend books and methods appropriate to the age, goals and personality of each student.  No previous experience is necessary for either adults or children.

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Aim for a Voice of Quality not Quantity

Good singing requires breath support.   Unfortunately, this support is often mistaken for pushing or forcing the sound.

Pushing seems easier because it will make you sing louder sooner while learning proper breath support does take time.   However, learning to support properly without tension will eventually result in beauty of tone, technical ease and volume without harshness.

Pushing or forcing the tone can cause problems with tuning, create a harsh strident tone and can quite frankly ruin the voice. As you learn to support properly you will be amazed at how much easier it is to sing and how free the voice feels.

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Am I too Old to take Voice Lessons?

I'm asked this question quite often and sometimes even from people who are in my mind quite young.  It may be difficult to start an operatic career or enter certain competitions with age limits if you are "older".  If you are wanting to learn to sing, why should age matter?  

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