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          You're never too old to learn. At age 71, I was concerned about difficulties I was having with my voice. Having sung in a choir for 40 years it was devastating to think I'd no longer have the joy of singing. A hearing check and music lessons were recommended at a workshop for the so called aging voice. Weekly sessions recommended by Erica have solved my problem. Now I am well past 71 enjoying singing as much as ever and doing better that ever. Thanks Erica!

Science & Art Of Messa di Voce

Science & Art Of Messa di Voce



Douglas J. Rice


Messa di voce is perhaps one of the greatest skills and necessary technical functions for professional singers to acquire and maintain. Its physiological process is complex because it rests largely on the coordination of various muscle bundles comprising the vocal lip, or the main body of the vocal cords. More specifically, these "tensor muscles" must perform in conjunction with the regulated lung pressure that varies during dynamic modification on a given pitch or within a musical phrase. The execution of a flawless messa di voce is important to the evaluation of the artistic elements of singing. Just as an artist is judged on his ability to blend, shade and merge colors and contour in a painting; so is the singer assessed on his proficiency to mix head and chest tone in an even timbre through varying dynamic levels in a phrase or on one sustained pitch.

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Allergies and Singing by Douglas Rice tenor

At the age of five I began studying singing. I sang for pure pleasure and enjoyment without realising that later I would make a life and career from it as a professional. It continues to be a great pleasure to sing and evolve in a field that presents continuous challenge and excitement.

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Theory and history

Erica Skowron teaches these courses if there is sufficient demand as a class. Private lessons are also available. She has a phenomenal record in getting student successfully through the exams.

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