Lesson Rates

Full Rate

$60 for an hour
$45 for 45 minutes
$30 for a half hour

This is the rate for single lessons or just a few lessons or a lesson pass where you want to come for 2 weeks then take 3 off for example.
Discount rate 3 months ( 12 lessons)

$300 for 12/ 30 minute lessons. ($450 for 45 minutes $600 for an hour)

Pay for the entire year
$950 for 30 minute lessons.$1900 for hours ($1375 for 45 minutes)

 If you miss a lesson (that is you just don't show up) it is lost.



Lessons at your home

$60/hour +$10 travel (per lesson)-limited availability


Lesson policies

  • Lessons must be paid for in advance. If you pay as you go or book a partial month it is at the full rate $60/hour
  • Lessons where the student just does not show up or are canceled the day of the lesson are lost.
  • If you want to retain your lesson time you must pay for all weeks.

Those on monthly plans must use up their time in that month.

Lesson Length

Lessons can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length. Usually, lesson length is determined by a student’s age, ability and experience. 30 minute lessons are perfect for beginners. Due to the physical nature of wind instruments, longer lesson times can become tiring. For the first year or two, a 30 minute lesson should suffice unless RCM exams are being taken. 45 minute lessons would be recommended for students of high school age who have been playing for more than 2 years and for those taking RCM exams, Grades 2 – 6. 60 minute lessons are ideal for more advanced students, adult learners and those taking RCM Grade 8 and beyond.

In other words if you want to play in orchestra or do an exam or compete you should be taking an hour lesson.

These are not the cheapest lessons, just the best value. If you are looking for lessons on the basis of price only you will end up wasting your time and money.

Alban Classical

Private performance April 14

PGSO April 21

Wind World Alban classical school show April 23 and 30