Music lessons starting this week

Students are booking lessons now: flute clarinet oboe piano voice saxophone 563-4693

Music Lessons

Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, Oboe, Piano, Voice (singing) Theory and History. Lessons for all ages and levels. From beginner to advanced.

RCM 100% pass rate. Students compose, play with the symphony excel at the music festival etc. But best of all they have fun, learn about music and develop some skills so they can have music as a part of their lives forever.

A level of instruction not normally found outside major cities. 
Beginners learn these pieces and more in their first year of lessons or our band class.
Star Wars Main theme, Spiderman , Ironman, Tequila, Simpsons theme, Raiders of the lost ark etc..
"A fantastic clarinetists, most of the worlds great Orchestras do not have such a player"
W. Kushner Berlin philharmonic
"Simon Cole has every ability and quality a musician could want"
Noam Sheriff Conductor, Israel
"Talented and gifted, using the clarinet to express and communicate"
Richard Stoltzman clarinetist/recording artist


"The pattern of progress can be compared to an oncoming tide-wave after wave moves onward seemingly with the same upsurge, but once in a while, one of the waves reaches ahead of the others, and then seems to be followed by the others, until the same motion occurs anew. Progress always moves forward-it is never still. The minute one feels that a certain level has been achieved at that precise moment one stops progressing, unless one tries to reach a higher level still or else regression starts and the level goes down. Perfection does not exist, but the ambition to reach it makes for unending progress and self satisfaction."  Bonade 

Simon Cole /Clarinet Saxophone Flute Composer

composer simon cole clarinet

Has played Principal clarinet with numerous orchestras including winning international auditions for Rishon Orchestra Israel, Banff Opera orchestra. His website

Music Studio Simon Cole

RCM Exams

A great way to cover the basics and (eventually) get school credit.

  • You must take an hour lesson, this will enable you to do the exam it with little stress.
  • You must commit to regular practice 60 min a day at least for the upper grades.
  • You must buy the RCM syllabus and be responsible for your exam material ( part of the program is learning how to think for yourself and take responsibility)
  • You must buy the music and study books immediately.
  • You must purchase 2 copies of all pieces and study books 
  • If you do all this the exam will be easy for you.

Simon on the radio

This is the unexpurgated radio interview with Peter Clemente on CFIS 93.1 in Prince George. and Simon talks about the New Horizons band on cbc earlier this month. both take a few seconds to load

Mozart Magic Flute

This is the play along score to go with the part you have been given. You need the Sibelius plugin installed. For this Firefox works best then IE Chrome is erratic.

Read more: Mozart Magic Flute

Music for Band

This is another new work I composed for the Prince George (Alban Classical) New Horizons band. It has parts of varying difficulty since the players are at varying levels. Music takes time to create a mood so I wanted a work that would have a longer duration ( about 5 min) Some technical parts( to review tech practice, in particular doubling rhythms) some melodic part to feature each section and some guided improvisation. The work is called a New Land I was thinking of ones impression arriving at a new turn in the creek or an island. DOWNLOAD

Read more: Music for Band

Alan Hacker

Alan Hacker, O.B.E. British Clarinetist and my most influential teacher has died. I played for Alan at Banff one summer as the solo clarinet of the Opera orchestra an ensemble formed from players worldwide. He opened my ears to the music, everything was different after that summer.

An amazing clarinet player and conductor, the detail he considered for every phrase was inspiring. Tone color nuance articulation always at the service of the music not the clarinet.

I rarely saw him, often heard his words and music (Finzi concerto in particular) and always considered the world a better place for having him in it.


Grade 6 RCM clarinet scales

These are the complete technical requirements for the exam; all scales and arpeggios and the chromatic scale. You can play along with it (using the PDF),and adjust the speed. To play along select transpose and major second, you can download it as a PDF (right click save as). Unless you have the habit of doing your scales every day you will NOT be able to play these from memory for the exam. As I always say scales for musicians are like pushups for the athlete. Your pieces are the most important part of the exam then your studies if you are not dedicated and take too long to get the pieces etc. down it will not leave time for scales so practice them from day 1. Make sure you have a copy of the RCM Syllabus and refer to it often to remind yourself of details like articulations scale speeds and ear training. It is your responsibility. If you are having a short 30 minute lesson instead of the hour I recommend for students taking an exam it is all the more critical that you be self motivated to practice and stay on top of exam requirements or you will forget.

Read more: Grade 6 RCM clarinet scales


Studio News

Students are claiming thier spaces already more than half have booked a time.

  • Congratulations to Grace Finnie, Logan Ozcan, Lucas Gairns, Alex Benny, Luke Ongman for  playing  with the symphony.
  • Congratulations to Grace, Piers and Lucas for getting thier grade 6 clarinet.
  • Students are preparing already for next season.

Lesson Length

Lessons can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length. Usually, lesson length is determined by a student’s age, ability and experience. 30 minute lessons are perfect for beginners. Due to the physical nature of wind instruments, longer lesson times can become tiring. For the first year or two, a 30 minute lesson should suffice unless RCM exams are being taken. 45 minute lessons would be recommended for students of high school age who have been playing for more than 2 years and for those taking RCM exams, Grades 2 – 6. 60 minute lessons are ideal for more advanced students, adult learners and those taking RCM Grade 8 and beyond.

In other words if you want to play in orchestra or do an exam or compete you should be taking an hour lesson.

Latest Exam results

  • Congratulations to Grace Finnie Honors Grade 6 Clarinet
  • Congratulations to Piers Dhaldy First Class Honours Grade 6 clarinet
  • Congratulations to Lucas Gairns First Class Honours Grade 6 clarinet
  • Congratulations to Jeanna Tiani who received First Class Honours on her Royal Conservatory Grade 2 Piano Exam
  • Congratulations to Piers Dhadly Honors Grade 4 clarinet 
  • Congratulations to Adam Judge Honors Grade 2 sax
  • Congratulations to Grace Finnie Honors Grade 4 Clarinet
  • Congatulations to Jenna Tiani 1st class Honors with Distincton Preparatory B Piano
  • Congratulations to Tyler Fennel First class Honors Grade 2 flute
  • Congratulations to Tyler Fennel First Class Honors Grade 2 voice
  • Congratulations to AJ Kenway First Class Honors Grade 2 voice
  • Congratulations to Holly Burke First Class Honors on her Grade 1 piano
  • Congratulations to Jessica Deveault Grade 1 Theory with first class honours
    • Congratulations to Jessica Deveault Grade 5 piano with honours
    • Congatulations to Jenna Tiani 1st class Honors with Distincton Preparatory A Piano
    • Congratulations to Steve Burke 1st class honors on his Grade 2 Piano
    • Congatulations to Arielle Nelles First Class Honours with Distinction grade 6 Flute.
    • Congratulations to Adam Judge-1st class honors Grade 1 Saxophone
    • Congratulations to karen Bartlett honors Grade 9 Clarinet
    • Congratulations to Jessica Grade 4 piano
    • Congratulations to Deidre Suhr- 1st class honors on her Grade 2 Clarinet
    • Congratulations to Piers 1st class honors on his Grade 1 Clarinet
    • Congratulations to Steve Burke 1st class honors on his Grade 1 Piano
    • Congratulations to Holly Burke 1st class honors on her Preparatory A Piano

    Simon Cole clarinet

    plays Yamaha CSG clarinets. A refined and ringing tone, superb tuning and response. 

    • Mozart
    • Nutcracker
    • 6th symphony
    • Prarie Dawn


    RCM exams

    My teacher number for RCM exams

    Alban Classical

    Private performance April 14

    PGSO April 21

    Wind World Alban classical school show April 23 and 30