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"The pattern of progress can be compared to an oncoming tide-wave after wave moves onward seemingly with the same upsurge, but once in a while, one of the waves reaches ahead of the others, and then seems to be followed by the others, until the same motion occurs anew. Progress always moves forward-it is never still. The minute one feels that a certain level has been achieved at that precise moment one stops progressing, unless one tries to reach a higher level still or else regression starts and the level goes down. Perfection does not exist, but the ambition to reach it makes for unending progress and self satisfaction."  Bonade 

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Festival-for the student

One of the parents of a student was asking me about festival, who does it, how many etc. Festival is for the student not the [parents and certainly not for the teacher. Some teachers use the students the same way a dog breeder uses competitions, to promote their kennel, I do not approve of this. This is why some years I have many students in the festival other years few. It well worth reading my general advice on festivals and exams here.

Playing Flute Clarinet and Saxophone

Over the past 2 weeks I have played separate professional engagements on flute (classical), sax ( jazz) and clarinet (classical). Though each instrument has its own special techniques they are more similar than they are different. I say this because overwhelmingly the things that make the instrument(s) work well are basic musical skills as they pertain to woodwinds in particular: sensitive formation of the embouchure, air/breath control, shaping of the resonant chamber of the mouth appropriate to the pitch, dynamics  register and desired tone color and good musicianship including having a well developed tone concept.

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Piano Scales - Preparatory A

Tech for the Piano Scales - Preparatory A exam.

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How to Practise Piano Scales


They are many ways to practise scales.  My favourite method is as follows.  I set the metronome at a nice comfortable speed, 60 to the quarter note.  I play the scale in quarters, then eighths, then triplets (for a two octave scale play the scale 3x in a row so that you end up on the downbeat), then sixteenths. 

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Alban Classical

Private performance April 14

PGSO April 21

Wind World Alban classical school show April 23 and 30