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"The pattern of progress can be compared to an oncoming tide-wave after wave moves onward seemingly with the same upsurge, but once in a while, one of the waves reaches ahead of the others, and then seems to be followed by the others, until the same motion occurs anew. Progress always moves forward-it is never still. The minute one feels that a certain level has been achieved at that precise moment one stops progressing, unless one tries to reach a higher level still or else regression starts and the level goes down. Perfection does not exist, but the ambition to reach it makes for unending progress and self satisfaction."  Bonade 

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Festivals and Exams

Music Festivals and Exams


One should be somewhat clear about their goals when starting music lessons themselves or enrolling their children in them.

Music not just another skill or qualification, a line item on a resume, it is an art. If it is approached properly it will add a lot to the participants’ life. Not only is it a beautiful and complex art but the study of music, playing an instrument, playing with others or composing involves many aspects of life that might not at first seem obvious.

My goal is to have the student have a pleasant and rewarding experience as free of stress as possible so music remains an escape, a solace, a source of companionship and camaraderie and fun for the rest of their lives. If it just becomes another course the chances of them quitting never to return, are very high. Developing various technical skills is part  of the process not the purpose. Though I stress musicality, enjoyment etc ironically this in the end results in students that play at a high level more so than if approached the other way around.

 The ability to play or memorise  a million notes does not make you a musician


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Have realistic expectations.

Generally this is how it works. This is really rough.

If you never practice.
You can have fun playing the instrument  (though not as much fun as you would have if you practiced)and learn a bit about music, Play in a low level group. Go to lessons (which then become guided practice) using you instrument to learn about music including its theory, history, how muscles work etc. You will improve (slowly) just playing in a group but lessons are all the more crucial since it’s easy to get off track.

Read more: Have realistic expectations.

Tragic Story

So this student brings in a saxophone, he has played for 2 years without any success he now hates the instrument.

This young student is one who will practice piano for an hour without being pushed, so obviously both the work ethic and the desire is there.
His instrument was rented from a well know supplier of musical instruments with a PG outlet. Looking at the instrument, in 15 seconds I was able to see that it would never play, the mechanism was out of align. 
 It's more than likely  that this student’s parents paid  for 2 years of rental on a non-functional instrument. The store rented it without checking it and the band teacher never thought to see if the otherwise keen and bright student was having problems because of the instrument.

 • If there is any doubt bring the instrument to me so I can check it out ( and the players technique as well).
• Buy an instrument from CWW you know it will be a good one- that works. For the rental price of an instrument that didn't work they could have bought a new sax from CWW
  • Don’t assume that lack of talent or work ethic is the problem- it could be the instrument or playing technique.
 • Know that because of the cost of maintenance (vs. the low rental fees) music stores are often tempted to skip it if the horn looks ok.


With a happy ending!

The student started taking clarinet lessons with me after 6 months he was able to join a second year school band and be one of the best players.

Festival-for the student

One of the parents of a student was asking me about festival, who does it, how many etc. Festival is for the student not the [parents and certainly not for the teacher. Some teachers use the students the same way a dog breeder uses competitions, to promote their kennel, I do not approve of this. This is why some years I have many students in the festival other years few. It well worth reading my general advice on festivals and exams here.

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Nobel Clarinet

Nobel_clarinet14041 Bb CLARINET, brushed hard rubber body for a wood-like sound and finish, wear resistant nickel plated keys, waterproof Valentino pads, French blue steel needle springs, genuine cork bumpers and tenons, bell ring, 65mm Moenig bore barrel, light case with back pack straps. The quasi-indestructible nature of Valentino pads render the Nobel completely airtight and fully resonant. A best choice for a sound investment. $495

Every clarinet is set up and play tested before sale, most stores do not do this. This clarinet has had some undercutting of higher tone holes and resetting of pad heights done for better pitch and tone.

The material, reverse taper barrel and design give this clarinet a more mature rich sound when compared to standard student clarinets costing hundreds more. I have played one in the orchestra for outdoor concerts. 

Alban Classical

Private performance April 14

PGSO April 21

Wind World Alban classical school show April 23 and 30